Maximising your Aesthetic Appointment

So you’ve got an aesthetic appointment. Go you! You’ve taken the first and important step in addressing any concerns you have about your skin. It’s probably costing you a pretty penny and time out of your busy schedule, so you want to ensure you get the most value from your time on the couch.

How do you do that?

By following the list of thinking points I’ve compiled.

By giving these points some consideration prior to your appointment, you will ensure you get the most out of your Aesthetician, not just when you’re with her (or him), but long after you’ve left the room. Fundamentally, your time with them is not just to treat your skin, but should also be an education.

  1. Arrive ten minutes before the appointment - This gives you time to stow your belongings, have a drink and complete your consultation form. You are also less like to miss out any information if you are calm and collected when filling out your form.
  2. If you can, come 'make-upless' - It gives me a chance to see your skin in its natural state. If you do have to wear make up because e.g. you’ve been at work, then make it the day you skip your favourite deepest carbon black eye liner. The less time I spend removing eye make up, the more time I have to spend on your actual skin. You will score brownie points with any Aesthetician for this.
  3. Be truthful and detailed - On your consultation form and during the consultation. If you’re asked – do you wear SPF or sleep in your make up, answer truthfully because it will be easy to tell if you don’t. We’re not there to judge you, we are passionate about healthy skin and want to educate you about healthy skin practices.
  4. Know what you want to achieve from your treatment – why have you booked the appointment? Is it a one off birthday treat? Or are you experiencing some skin issues that you would like to engage professional help? If you are clear about this from the onset, I am able to help and advise better. I can also manage your expectations about the outcome of the treatment.
  5. Be upfront about your budget - Part of my service to you includes recommending after care treatments and products. I will always ask you to detail on your form your available monthly skincare budget. This is not so I can judge your finances, but so that I can help you make the most of the money you have at your disposable to achieve healthy skin. I have knowledge of effective products and treatments on all price points. Plus I can tell you what items to spend on that will give you the best results.
  6. Arrive knowing what products and brands you already have at home - Take a picture of them on your phone the night before so you have the information on you. When I make aftercare recommendations I like to work with the products you currently have and then get you to phase them out to my recommendations as they finish. I just don’t like the idea of products (and your hard earned money) going into the bin. Obviously if there are any products I think you should ditch immediately, I will tell you straight away.
  7. Have a think about products/ingredients/treatments/machines that haven’t agreed with you in the past - All of it will be useful information when your treatment plan is devised.
  8. You will be quizzed about your skin history - Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember, so have a think before your arrive. When do you remember your skin feeling/looking its absolute best? When did you start getting repeated breakouts? Think around the times of holidays, new job, pregnancies, relationship break up and other types of stressful occasions. These will help you pin point your skin history. For me personally, I always recall my skin being its absolute best when I come back from a holiday. Usually because I’ve had a simpler skincare routine, Vitamin D exposure, slathered in SPF, healthier food, more water and sleep.
  9. Do some research around the strengths of the particular aesthetician you’ve booked - We all have things that make us stand out in our work. It might be laser work; chemical peels; machine work; massage or even experience with dark skin tones. This will help inform you from the onset whether this is the aesthetician for you.
  10. Answer follow up calls and emails – I make it a point to send a follow up email 24 hours after your appointment. In it, I include a summary of your consultation, treatment, after care procedures and product recommendations. But I also want any feedback you have and information on how your skin is doing – I can always provide some quick advice that will keep you going until I see you again.
  11. Follow up with homecare – No point seeing an aesthetician if you revert to old habits when you leave. Follow the home care advice to keep reaping the benefits of your treatment. I had one client write her new routine with a dry marker on her mirror, so that she would be able to remember it!
  12. Understand that miracles won’t happen overnight - my job is to get you to healthy skin as safely and quickly as possible. I will always explain the process and treatment plan to you so that I can manage your expectations. But it is important to understand that healthy skin is a journey akin to getting fit – you’ve got to show up to appointments, use the recommended products and follow the advice.