The love affair started....

....with the Foaming Glycolic Wash. At the time I was a skincare blogger and a make up junkie living in Hertfordshire and working in pollution heavy central London. My skin was mainly oily and blemish prone, nearing its capacity for unlimited product testing. 

It needed calm and it needed routine. So out of sheer laziness I committed to using the Glycolic Face Wash until it finished. A finished product is virtually unheard of in a bloggers life!

Lo and behold, the quality of my skin improved over a matter of weeks, I was less oily, less blemished, more even toned and the skin on my cheek didn't resemble the skin of the satsuma on my desk - my pores hadn't closed (they're not supposed to!), but they were definitely less pronounced. In effect what had happened was that the combination of Glycolic Acid and Lactobionic Acid had stimulated my cell renewal function, exfoliated the upper layer of skin to leave my barrier function more balanced, hydrated and clearer.

So when the time came to upgrade my product and metabolic peel system, it was a no brainer to return to the excellence of NeoStrata. And here's why:

  • Intensive clinical trials of individual ingredients and subsequently products.

  • Patented superior technology platforms to deliver consistent and outstanding results.

  • Commitment to innovation and presenting research results to the aesthetic community in peer reviewed journals and conferences.

  • They are a leading dermatologist brand. Even recommended by NHS Consultants!

  • The treatment breadth and topical product offering mean all skin tones and types are catered for.

And above all after knowing and working with the brand and it's UK team for the last few years, I have experienced firsthand their commitment to my goal of ensuring women of darker skin tones have fair access to affordable clinical led skincare. 

Click here for before and after images of the ProSystem Peel in action.